A Better Place

Scarlet Mara


Wed Oct 11 2017


Sun Nov 05 2017

"My new works are describing a place that is not a real place or something you could find on a map. There is no map because the place is not a place like something to be near or in or at. It is not somewhere or anywhere, but it is not nowhere either. Is it even a place? Is it a memory, a dream, a different life? You don’t know what it is. You wish you knew what it was. You miss it so much. I am approaching the field of longing through various artistic processes like woodcut, drawing, painting and collaging in order to create a network of images correlating with one another. The works are appealing to the internal state of the viewer, even if they sometimes deny a clear reading, that enhances their dreamlike state. However, it also becomes evident that the images we have of the world inside and around us are always already framed and edited. Even our perception and imagination is subject to an organizing gaze - and what we see is never what we see."

Scarlet Mara.

A Better Place