The Pullout

Andi Magenheimer


Fri May 04 2018


Sat May 26 2018

The Pullout, a series of paintings and works on paper by the nomadic London and New York City-based artist. The Show will open on the 5th of May, 2018, and Continue until the 3rd of June. This is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work in the gallery.

The title for this exhibition was selected for the confluence of highly charged imagery that it conjures: coitus interruptus, the swift removal of something from somewhere, withdrawing from warzones, the abandonment of some previously laid plan, reneging on a contract, and the very modern symbol of an unsettled life: the pull-out sofa.

Andi Magenheimer makes her artwork in rather unusual circumstances. Well-acquainted with the broken contract, the love affair gone wrong, and the temporary living arrangement, she has poured her restless energy, and the black humour of her impermanent status, into her latest series of drawings and paintings, which she was able to create whilst living in a bedroom on a building site and working in a loaned studio in East London.


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The Pullout